Long Term Recovery Help from Floods Needed

The floods during the summer have caused a lot of dangerous mold situations in Massachusetts and Massachusetts VOAD actions are still being taken to help with this situation. Hundreds have been helped due to Massachusetts VOAD and their volunteer member organizations.

Here is an update of what is happening on long term recovery efforts, particularly the handling of mold in houses of people who have little means to help themselves due to age or disability:

1.                  Southern MA Long Term Recovery Group (SMLTRG):  SMLTRG continues to see new faces and new cases seeking assistance, even now, 10 months after the floods.  Of the 260 cases in their area, 50-60 have had some level of progress, with the remaining needing to be case managed.

2.                  Northern MA Long Term Recovery Group (NMLTRG):   NMLTRG echoes the findings of the SMLTRG – cases popping up on a daily basis.  In October there were 180 active cases.   Since then, 110 have been closed or are in the process of being closed.  Currently there are 25 active cases.

Volunteer help is still needed. To get trained and to assist people with this long term recovery effort in your area, please email mavoad@gmail.com.

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