MA VOAD Associate, So. MA Long Term Recovery Group handling mold from 2010 floods

CMDART HazMat Drill October 2016

CMDART HazMat Drill
October 2016

Rev. Fred Meade (United Church of Christ) Emotional & Spiritual Care Seminar at MAVOAD Summit


Boston Cares Volunteers Rebecca Frechette and Mary Van Mameren staffing the Emergency Support Function #7 Desk for volunteers and donations in the MEMA Framingham Bunker during the Blizzard Juno, January 26, 2015


Salvation Army @ MA Tornado

Click for Salvation Army Springfield Disaster Response Video

Red Cross @ Springfield Tornado

Baptist Disaster Relief Western MA Tornadoes


Tom McQuarrie (Adventist Community Services) delivers Donations Management Seminar @ MA VOAD 10/5/2015 Summit

Photos August 13, 2014 Meeting Attendees

Attendess at MA VOAD Oct 5, 2015 Summit held at IOCC’s St. Gregory the Theologian Church in Mansfield, MA


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