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DISCLAIMER — Below are videos and information regarding some activities that are involved in disaster relief. This data is intended to give you some basic information but does not make one an expert or supplant the real training that some of our member organizations can offer.

1/2 Hour MA VOAD Disaster Preparation, Relief & Recovery
overview video (from interview on Taunton Public Access TV)

ThJust In Time Training - Video Libraryere are now 502 disaster mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery training videos embedded in the Just In Time Disaster Training Video Library with new videos being added on a daily basis. The purpose of this FREE on-line library is to provide a single, easy to search source in which individuals, agencies and organizations can access Just In Time Disaster Training Videos.

Disaster Relief Training & Preparedness from the Federal Emergency Management Agency

New England Disaster Chaplain Association –
Organizations that provide Spiritual Care or Chaplaincy

Long Term Disaster Relief/FEMA Video Files

Data on CPR
(Definition: Cardiopulmonary resusitation (CPR) is a procedure used when a patient’s heart stops beating and breathing stops.)

Chain Saw Safety video
(Lowe’s chain saw safety video, especially for hurricane disasters)

Emotional and  Spiritual Relief/Scientology Handbook
Scientology training manual addressing emotional and spiritual care/techniques called “Assists.”  This training is for Responders, Survivors and Care-givers to help them: a) to regain calmness, stability, control with the  immediate situation more rapidly and effectively, b) alleviate stress, shock and trauma, and c) to orient a confused and distraught person to his environment.

American Red Cross CPR & First Aid Training

Formidable Footprint
Free service allows you and your community to prepare for hurricanes, floods, snow storms, pandemic influenza, tornadoes and more. Great for emergency management, community business, non-profits and churches and YOU.

More Great Data on Disaster Preparation:

Map Your Neighborhood Program
This is a free program on how neighbors can prepare to identify those who need help in times of disaster.

Emergency Preparedness for Deaf and Deaf-Blind People (video)

(Children)Ready Sesame Street

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