Tornado Relief Update & Volunteers

To the many individuals, businesses and organizations who have offered to help with recovery from the recent tornadoes in Western Massachusetts, thank you very much. The amount of help offered has been very inspirational.

Many who have contacted Mass. VOAD have not been contacted back as of yet and those who have reached us have generally not be deployed yet. Your help is still needed and following is an explanation of what is happening to give you more understanding.

A couple VOAD agencies have set up shelters for those displaced from their damaged or destroyed homes. We have received donations of tarps to cover homes before they are further destroyed by rain and these are gojng up in great number. Water has been donated for those people cut off from the main water supply. Plywood is the next item we will be asking for.

To those who have donated heavily, thank you and we will acknowledge your work in the future when all data is put together. For individuals who want to help out, the Red Cross is going to start accepting volunteers Monday. They don’t accept organizational volunteers, just individuals.

Currently, there is a lot of assessment of damage being done so we can determine exactly what type of help is needed, in what quantity and where. This is necessary before we can put your offers of help to use. This includes those who have offered help by calling 211. The major work that will be needed will be long term recovery actions of repairing homes and businesses.

Again, thank you for your patience and willingness to help as we finalize our damage assessment actions and work on how to utilize as many offers for help as we possibly can.

Directors of Massachusetts VOAD

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