Mission Statement

The purpose and objectives of Massachusetts Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster shall be to foster more effective service to people affected by disaster through communication, coordination, cooperation, collaboration, convening mechanisms and outreach.


The purpose of this website is to quickly prepare and organize individual citizens and organizations in times of disaster in order to protect one another in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Many times when disaster occurs, individual citizens want to help but without knowing what actions are needed, where, who to contact and what skills may be necessary, their efforts are not as useful as could be or could even cause difficulty to organized efforts.


Massachusetts VOAD wants your assistance and wants you to know that when disaster occurs, with your help, something can be done about it. If you are a non-profit, email us to join. There’s no fee. If you are an individual, review our member organizations and churches and get trained to join one of them in case of disaster. If you are a for-profit that wants to become an Associate Member, please let us know!!

This web site is designed to help you to be prepared and effective when disaster occurs. Please use it to help yourself, family and neighbors when disaster occurs and in the long-term recovery efforts that usually follow.

Massachusetts VOAD Resource Guide 2011
[created by FEMA Region 1 – click here to view]

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